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Do you help with applying abroad?
Yes, of course. We provide support services for admission, filling out questionnaires, selecting universities and scholarships, and helping with the editing of motivational letters/essays.
Can you write a motivation letter for me?
No, we don't write essays for you. We guide you, help you with the editorial board, and teach you how to write motivational letters/essays correctly.
In which class should I start preparing for admission to universities?
It all depends on which university you are going to apply to. We recommend you starting your application as early as possible, preferably in 8th-9th grade. Since many people need to raise the level of knowledge of English, mathematics and possibly specialized subjects. With a good level of language (~upper-intermediate/advanced), it will be easier to prepare for the standardized exams. Respectively, the preparation will be more effective, and the results will be higher. Even if you have not yet decided on your future profession, start learning English. You'll definitely need it.
For what period of time can I prepare for IELTS/SAT/NUFYPET and so on?
There is no one - size - fits- all. It depends on the level of knowledge, aspiration and discipline. To get high scores on your tests, you need to start preparing well in advance and know key strategies.
On average, it can take 3 months to prepare for IELTS, and 3 to 6 months for SAT/NUFYPET. The deadlines are based on the completed intermediate/upper-intermediate level of English language.
Never give up during preparation. If you do not understand the topic or task, then ask. You will definitely succeed.
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