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Train with practice tests
Determine strengths and weaknesses
In the course of training, we will focus on applying the knowledge in practice.
On practice tests, you will be able to determine your progress since the beginning of the preparation
Course Details
  1. Getting ready to listen
  2. Following a conversation
  3. Recognising paraphrase
  4. Places and directions
  5. Listening for actions and processes
  6. Attitude and opinion
  7. Following a lecture or talk
  8. Contrasting ideas
  1. Reading strategies
  2. Descriptive passages
  3. Understanding the main ideas
  4. Locating and matching information
  5. Discursive passages
  6. Multiple-choice questions
  7. Opinions and attitudes
  8. General Training Reading
  1. About the Writing Test
  2. How to use your 20 minutes
  3. Points to Apply in Task 1, Report Writing
  4. What does a good report look like?
  5. Using the right tense is important
  6. Different types of visuals
  7. Describing trends, Language of change
  8. Connecting trends
  9. Using the right prepositions
  10. Describing numbers, percentages & fractions
  11. Describing Quantities
  12. Varying your language
  13. Using Simple Comparisons
  14. The language for comparing
  15. Other Important Language for Comparisons
  16. Adding an explanation
  17. Writing an introduction
  18. Writing the General Overview Paragraph
  19. Selecting Main Points
  20. Writing an 'overview' not a conclusion
  21. Writing Body Paragraphs
  22. Writing just six sentences to include the details
  23. Selecting details and grouping them
  24. Including approximation
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1.Which level of English is preferable to start preparing for IELTS?
If you want to get a high score and prepare effectively, then we recommend that you start with a good Intermediate level.
2. Can I get enrolled only to sections like Speaking & Writing?
In our group-based courses, we focus on the Speaking and Writing sections, but also provide effective methods for preparing for Reading and Listening. If you want to prepare only for a certain section, then we advise you to take individual training.
3. How fat can I get 7.0+?
Provided that you start with a good Intermediate level and prepare hard, in 2.5-3 months you will be able to score 7.0 and above in IELTS.